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I Speak Music always welcomes new members.

Here are just a few of the participants who come along to create and enjoy music.

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Since arriving in the UK from Syria a few years ago Rami has settled into his new home with his family.

Rami tours the UK with songwriter and musician Anna Neale, fusing popular Arabic and Western music.


Instrument: Darbuka



Farhang is a Tombak player from Isfahan, Iran. After he graduated from music school, he began teaching others how to play the Tombak at private academies, as well as performing in Iran.


Instrument: Tombak



"I like being part of a music culture and am inspired by the music leaders. I like the community of people in the orchestra and love to hear others play and explore new music."


Instrument: Oud and piano



“I am programme manager for Big Leaf Foundation, which is a charity supporting displaced young people from all over the world. I also love music; hearing it, playing it and collecting musical instruments from all over the world."


Instrument: Banjo



Elena's music has gained airplay

on local and national radio and TV shows. "I am constantly striving to spread empowering and positive messages through my music."


Instrument: Singer and songwriter



"I work in Property Maintenance.

I like to be in ISM because through the one language of music we achieve friendship & harmony, despite our differences in our backgrounds or cultures."


Instrument: Drum



"I'm from Nicaragua and am a very sociable person and love travelling. I enjoy being part of ISM as it has given me my first experience of being  part of a music group and it also enables me to meet other people."


Instrument: Percussion



"I joined ISM when I heard they needed some singers.  I’ve always loved music and have sung with various choirs.   ISM truly is a family where we all speak one common language - music - and I feel honoured to be a part of it."


Instrument: Singer



"I'm Sindy and I play the harp

I love ISM it's close to my heart

Friendly setting not too harsh

Diverse people and you can take part."


Instrument: Harp