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Mona Saad

Project Coordination and Outreach


Mona was born in Beirut to a Lebanese father and Austrian mother and is a Belgian national living and working in Surrey for nearing on 30 years. "I have experience of being uprooted, having to learn new languages and to settle into different 

cultures (from Lebanon to Belgium, Algeria and the UK)." 

Mona has been an integral part of the I Speak Music (ISM) project since it was 'born'; coordinating the original Youth Music programme, promoting ISM within the Surrey community and nurturing the orchestra's membership. Her background is in children's rights, dispute resolution and advocacy. Mona work with for local government and the voluntary sector involves

supporting a wide range of people enabling them to be heard. These include carers, parents and young people from diverse backgrounds including unaccompanied asylum seekers, displaced people and those with refugee status.


Artistically she says that she is more confident expressing herself though her pottery creations but wholeheartedly believes that making and sharing music brings people together; creating a safe place where anyone can communicate speaking music.


Instruments: "let's say ... percussion, I love rhythm and the sound and energy of hand drums"

Additional skills: Arabic, French, and some Spanish, German and Dutch. 


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