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Liz Ikamba, Music Facilitator/Tutor


Liz has been a community musician for over ten years, and is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist. She has worked predominantly with people at risk of social exclusion and isolation; including unaccompanied minors, young people with special educational needs and adults with mental health, and is particularly interested in the links between the Arts and well-being. As a facilitator her primary focus is helping to unlock personal and creative potential, bringing joy to the process of learning and developing new skills, and promoting social as well as creative exchange. She has extensive experience in group as well as individual facilitation, and has designed and co-created a number of music, arts and performance-based projects over the years. Having trained with Musicians Without Borders in Holland, she is particularly interested in utilising the power of music to affect positive social change, and cultivate collective identity. Other interests include drawing and painting, wild swimming and the outdoors, and performing as a singer-songwriter in her own right.


Instruments: Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, percussion, songwriting

Additional skills: Lingala speaker, songwriting

Musical Pleasure: Jazz, Soukous and Latin music



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