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To find out more about the I Speak Music project and how you can get involved email Outreach and Pastoral Support Officer,

Mona Saad


[email protected]

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Why do you love ISM?  

"Because the way that ISM brings us all together in a way where differences are irrelevant and all musical styles can blend is both rare and compelling, and exactly what this world needs."



"I like to be in ISM because through the one language of music we achieve friendship

& harmony, despite our differences in our backgrounds or cultures."


"I love being part of ISM because I love how diverse and unique our orchestra is, I am honoured to be part of a celebration of culture and heritage through music, everyone is so inclusive and non judgemental, and the project makes us all feel like part of a close and friendly community."


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"If I hadn't joined ISM, I doubt I would ever have sung Arabic songs, met amazing, talented people from so many countries or even tried baking Arabic cakes - I love the fact that my own little world has expanded so much!"